The Dream Football Show registration is open to Talents all across Africa in order to develop the spirit of Pan-Africanism and Sportsmanship while showcasing their talents to the world through this unique platform.

The show comprises of three phases.

REGISTRATION PHASE: All applicants get to register for the show on the website and make payments via phone, or web transfer.

Registration Fee: 3000 Naira

SCREENING PHASE: At this phase, our expert judges will select the best of the talents that are promising and good enough for a tough and modern football game.

DREAM CAMP PHASE: This phase involves accommodating the selected talents in our boarding facility for the duration of one month. They undergo series of fitness and training regime that will be filmed for TV purpose. This training process will be aired on Hip TV network for 1 hour each over 13 episodes. The players are then properly prepared and ushered to our partner clubs for trial.

For details visit our website:

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