Hi guys, we need to have a talk.

There are a group of people which I fear have been underrated and underestimated for years. The group of people I call “THE REAL LIVES OF THE PARTY.”

These guys make the party rock. These guys take it upon themselves to make sure that you’re happy at every party. These guys are the real MVPs.

We ought to give it to those guys, (a standing ovation in tow!)

Now, speaking about giving it to those guys, anyone who knows his/her liquor would tell you that JIM BEAM is a Bourbon’s Bourbon. If Bourbons were human, they would drink only JIM BEAM. That’s how great JIM BEAM is.

The Bourbon that has been making history since 1795; So, to my dear people, this is your chance to be a part history!

JIM BEAM is currently running a MIXOFF Contest right here in Lagos.  Qualified contestants come together to display talent at its best. Tasks on cocktails are given and each contestant has a number of minutes to whip up his/her best based on some criteria. And we are at the semifinal stage. Be a part of it this weekend 15th December 2018. The surprises will literarily surprise you!

All you have to do is show up at THE PLACE on Adeniran Ogunsanya street Surulere Lagos. Come armed with your taste buds! And you will be glad you did.

Follow us on our Instagram page @JimBeamng or JIM BEAM’s Twitter account @JimBeamNG.

…and did I mention that there’s going to be food for the first 20 people?

Oh well, see you there. Don’t forget to tell a friend to tell another friend.

Click on link below to experience the fun so far

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