Remember a popular soap opera of the 1990s? It revolved around the lives of Emem (a house girl) and DoGood ( the gateman/houseboy) who had romantic interests towards her.Well, DoGood is back and he's just as witty and annoyingly talkative as he has always been!Forced to “walk the talk”, a frustrated DoGood left Nigeria in search of a better life; leaving behind his heartthrob, Emem with a promise to be back within two years.Ten years later, he has returned, unfulfilled, but laden with fantastic stories of his sojourn across Africa and Europe. In his bid to earn an honest living, he is now a mechanic - a vocation he claimed to have acquired in Europe. Emem on the other hand, has finally become an entrepreneur – with her own restaurant that caters to people of diverse extractions and pockets!When DoGood meets Emem, it is not quite the reunion he had in mind: Emem is still smarting from his disappearance and she now has serious suitors competing for her affection. While these obstacles threaten to prevent them from rekindling their love affair, DoGood is undaunted and contrives various hilarious and exciting means to “kill off” the competition, gain her trust and win back her love.Set in Lagos, DoGood features a stellar cast that includes; Kate HenshawBasorge TariahBellinda Effah,Joselyn Dumas as well as cameo appearances by some of Africa's leading comedians.