DDTM connect was held at the Nouveau Centre in VI on the 19 of December 2015 and was an incredible occasion for those who were fortunate enough to experience it.

With over 400 people in attendance the event itself carried an aura of expectation, as mouths watered in eager anticipation of what was about to happen.

The energetic audience got fully into the groove as DDTM host Femi Aribisala entertained the crowd with jokes, stories and games. Special guests superstar producer Samklef and Ebony Live host Ade Laoye, watched on with smiles on their faces as the first improve challenge was introduced.

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A female audience member took the stage and various artists from the audience came forward to convince her to “take them back”, as though they were an estranged boyfriend who had just been dumped. The end of the game provided an unexpected twist, with a female audience member coming forward to convince the “host” to take her back. She did the female contingent proud and was rated a 4 by the host.

Special guest Deoracle of comedy was hilarious, and the energetic performance of John Networq and his particularly enthusiastic hype man did a lot to influence an already vibrant the night.

The highlight of the night though involved special guest Chinonso Young from the popular show Lekki Wives, participating in very interesting improv scenarios. In the first she sang as an impersonation of a knife, as the theme introduced was centred around a kidnapping, with DDTM improve stars Konell singing as a stone, Soul Scrollz as a gun, Tmark as a kidnapped girl and Yemswagsz as a cave.

The next scenario involved two angels (Tmark and Konell) and two demons (Maximum and Yemswagsz) giving advise to a man and woman played by Chinonso Young and Soul Scrollz, which turned into a masterclass showcase. Yemswagsz in particular delivered an exceptional performance off the top of his head, leaving the crowd responding in thunderous applause.

The show left nothing to be desired, but left an audience looking forward to the next edition which would no doubt happen in 2016.

Don't Drop The Mic appears to be a movement that is destined to make a significant impact in the industry with its unique brand of entertainment.

Join in on the fun this Saturday at 7pm for their weekly show at the Bogobiri Hotel in Ikoyi. It is an experience well worth your time.