Colors and Grey (CAG) is an online digital marketing and branding agency headed by

Alicehas a passion to help bloggers grow as she sees them as an essential tool for the growth and development of any brand. She believes we grow better when we all work together.

The CAG Bloggers Forum had its first successful meet up on the 24 of July, 2016 with the help of sponsors. The forum was a highly educative and interactive session aimed at giving the bloggers a better scope of grasping the digital aspect of enhancing their blogging skills. Also, they received a hands-on tutorial on simple everyday makeup routine by the professional team sent by one of the sponsors, Zaron Cosmetics.

The Major Highlights from the first (1st) Edition of CAG Blogger's Forum was a lecture on how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase visibility on the web and rank higher on search engines. The bloggers were introduced to different important plug-ins that are highly beneficial to the growth of their platforms. And they learnt new strategies to make their blogging more professional to improve/increase their online awareness and importance.