With the E.A.T event which took place in October as a sneak peek to the main event, brace for more thrills with Word Play, Rhymes, Attitude and Punchlines non-stop from your VJ and rap battle host, Slimzy.

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Billed for the event are some of the best in Nigeria, Tega Gat, Earl Jon, Toby Penpriest, Dejinious, Spikey and more for the event set to take place on Saturday, December 17 at the Calyfunia Lounge Sabo, Yaba.

After a long wait for a follow up to the unforgettable April 13th' Murder Intent event, "Collision Course: The Main Event" has arrived with the most exciting card in battle rap in West of Africa.

The card features five battles, involving Wrapleague top performers from the 'Murder Intent event' Tega Gat, Earl John and Toby Penpriest as well as battle rappers who were impressive at the Earn A Ticket (E.A.T) pre-main event contest Spikey, Dejinious, Lord Pros and Boosie. There will also be debut appearances by Ayo Bawss, Dabu The Geminiand Mr Hood.

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These match ups are certified ill.

Boosie VS Dejinious

Spikey Vs Lord Pros

Mr Hood Vs Toby Penpriest

Earl Jon Vs Ayo Bawss

Tega Gat Vs Dabu Gemini

Venue: Calyfunia Lounge Sabo, Yaba.

Date: December 17, 2016

Time: 12 pm

Entrance: Free

Dress Code: Hip Hop and Casual