Brandcamp Lagos hosted its maiden open seminar at the Beni Gold Hotel, 18 Adeleke Adedoyin str, Victoria Island Lagos on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

The event organised by Social Atelier and Isa Creative focused on educating participants on Marketing, Social Media & Public relations.

The seminar anchored by Laverne Thomas and Reni Somoye was broken down into 4 segments with the first segment focused on a brief introduction to the three pivot topics of the seminar itself.

The second segment covered further discussions on PR, it's importance and characteristics of a good publicist. The third segment was all about social media as a component of marketing, importance of social media accounts, management tips and best practices.

The fourth and final segment featured the blog "Bids in Graceland" and its social media account using them as an example of how social media can influence marketing. The segment also talked more on tools for PR and good PR methods.

There were also lots to eat and drink as buffet was made available to attendees by the pool side after the seminar was brought to an end.