Wajo Lagos celebrated the opening ceremony of Afrigansa festival on Thursday, March 30 2017, at Freedom Park, 1 Hospital Road, Lagos Island.

Wajo, a celebration of contemporary art, is described as theatre across all borders aimed at celebrating African art. This edition of te festival, Afrigansa, celebrates music, dance, poetry and Art exhibition. So, you can tell the event went down with a whole lot of outstanding performances. Here are some of the exciting performances that went down at the show.

The event kick-started with the national anthem led by Linda Nwanneka of The Voice Nigeria.

The show proceeded with another amazing performance by David's generation dance group, a traditional yoruba old school dancers, who seemed to have cheered up the crowd a lot and opened up an environment filled with fun and artistic display.

Wajo, which simply means 'Come and dance' captured the attention and participation of everyone at the event when the dance chain game, a popular culture of Wajo, was played bringing the theme Wajo to live.

The popular saying 'what a man can do, a woman can do better,' was turned around to 'what an adult can do, kids can even do better' when a bunch of awesome kids- Star kids- wowed the crowd with yet another outstanding dance performance. I bet if you have kids, you'll take them all to a dancing school after witnessing such an amazing performance by these talented kids.

The show, of course, wont be complete without mentioning the incredible performance of artist Ven Vick who equally wowed everyone displaying her artistic skills where she did a live painting of the legendary Fela.

The painting was of course opened to bidders there and then.

The show was brought to an epic end by the amazing performance of Diadem of Liberty (DOL), a contemporary dance group.

Wajo is now trending on BRT tv.