Morin. Opresented the finest luxury accessories collection at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

The luxury goods brand out of Nigeria displayed beautiful leather goods at the event showing off their breathtaking new collection that can compete with her global counterparts for the first time on the runway.

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Handbags, luggage sets, back packs, holdall/carryall bucket bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, grab bags, messenger bags and more in brown, red/maroon, navy blue hues filled up the presentation that was stunning.

Morin. O who launched her goods at NOW showroom in LA months ago is a luxury brand poised to give international luxury goods brands a run for their money, worth and names as the Nigerian brand stands for timeless quality and can definitely compete with the best names that obtains globally.

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The brand has been compared to the likes of international designer Philip Lim, and has been categorized as a promising brand set to place Nigeria on the global fashion map for luxury leather goods in an article in the