There are some healthy food that are actually bad for our teeth this goes for food with high sugary content. Sugar is bad for the teeth, it causes it to decay. A celebrity cosmetic dentist, Dr. Joseph Banker insists it is best to brush after eating these foods, he added that we seem to forget how much sugar is present in foods we deem healthy.

Here are 4 healthy food that are bad for the teeth:

Chewable Vitamins

Chewable vitamins seem a healthy idea but in reality they are packed with sugar (the reason they taste good in the first place). While chewing these vitamins they stick to corners of our mouth and teeth which gives bacteria a comfy environment to grow, this results in cavities which is bad for the teeth.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are worse because they contain more concentrated sugar than already present before drying! They also tend to stick to the teeth which latter turns acidic; this erodes the enamel. Definitely not healthy for the teeth


We should know acid/ sugar damage the teeth. Acid eats away the tooth enamel while the sugar breeds oral bacteria. Both citrus fruits and juice have high sugar concentration and are acidic and all these damage the teeth over time. Some citrus fruits have the same sugar content as soda which are equally bad for the teeth.


Banana reduces the flow of saliva; they are high in sugar and sticky. They also cling to the teeth.  Alternatively, firm, crunchy fruits actually prevent tooth decay because they buffer the acid and wash away food particles with their high water content.

Include more nuts and raw vegetables in your diet. Raw veggies and nuts can act as a scrubbing agent because they are coarse, this cleans the teeth, stimulate and promote the flow of saliva which removes stains and plagues.