Check out StarTimes 2022 price and never-to-miss shows

May 26th 2022, 3:48:57 pm

A glance at this article will get you thinking if you are currently spending so much on pay-TV entertainment.

Check out StarTimes 2022 price and never-to-miss shows

#FeatureByStarTimes - Being an avid fun seeker but who is also price-conscious, I decided to compare various pay-TV offerings in the market.

The shocker for me, maybe because I haven’t really paid attention, is that when it comes to getting abreast with TV entertainment that gets the family glued yet is so budget friendly, StarTimes channels are your top stop no matter what genre of entertainment you are looking to watch.

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I realized that within the value-for-money segment (mid and low packages), StarTimes has the largest collections of Nollywood, telenovelas, and Bollywood content. Probably at a ratio of 3:1.

Just one thing drew my attention to StarTimes. It’s the top ratings from movie enthusiasts about Ile-Alayo series featuring crème la crème in Nollywood. Albeit I missed it. But then I was able to catch up on the StarTimes-ON app. Whilst enjoying the 26 episodes’ series, I came across other entertaining content that got me hooked.

But not so many know about these hidden gems.

Below is a brief analysis of StarTimes 2022 price and the interesting content you can satisfy your entertainment craving:

StarTimes packages and their Bouquet prices

The StarTimes Nova Bouquet is the cheapest package on StarTimes. It goes for N900 per month with about 34 local and international channels spread across culture, entertainment, religion, news, and culture. Among the interesting channels to enjoy on this bouquet are JimJam and Pineapple TV for kids, Wakaati TV for Nollywood movie lovers, and top Turkish series channel, Dizi, Channels TV, and AIT, among others.

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The second on the list of the antenna decoder package is the StarTimes basic bouquet. The StarTimes basic bouquet goes for N1850 monthly with 77 channels available for its users. If you have a knack for Nollywood movies and series, there are several channels dedicated to Nollywood flicks like PBO TV, AMC Movies, ST Nollywood, Ten Urban, and more collections of indigenous Nollywood channels. It also houses Nat Geo Wild, two Hollywood channels, three Bollywood channels, two telenovela channels, four kiddies’ channels – Nickelodeon, Toonami, ST Kids, and JimJam - and a host of other channels.

And then comes the premium package called Classic Bouquet which is just N2,750, with about 95 channels. Here you get to see the latest Ile Alayo comedy series which begins June 1. Another comedy series, Sparadise produced by Yaw, is starting soon. Award-winning telenovelas and Bollywood series are among the top channels to watch on this bouquet.

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Both Basic and Classic Bouquets are on StarTimes antenna platform (DTT decoder). For a richer viewing experience, you can watch a lot of these channels in HD on the StarTimes dish decoder (DTH). The dish decoder offers more local and international channels in addition to 24 audio channels dedicated to Jazz, Reggae, Blues, African, gospel and other genres of music. The packages on the DTH decoder include Nova at N900 monthly, Smart at N2600 with 77+ TV channels and 24 audio channels; and Super at N4900 with 100+ TV channels and 24 audio channels. You can never get this collection of channels per entertainment genre and same price anywhere else. This is what many people certainly don’t know.

To wrap it up, these are some of the hidden gems with great content on StarTimes that no one will tell you about -

1. ST Zone (on both DTT and DTH) – You will see some recent Hollywood blockbuster movies and series here.

2. Dizi channel dedicated to top Turkish series. This series will certainly get you hooked.

3. Channel 718 (RFM Music) and 719 (M6 Music) on StarTimes Dish are dedicated to refreshing oldies and modern musical hits.


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