Whether you have just got a job, or you're well-settled in an employment, it's important you have a plan for your career to get better at what you do this year.

Your career is the most important investment in your life, and to achieve your dreams, you need to set goals.  

Think about it. What do you want to improve upon in your career this year?

Would you like to get more skills to position yourself for promotion? Would you like to work for another organization and make more money? Whatever your career plans are, you've got to plan it out.

Consider your interest before choosing a career.

Pulse spoke to some young professionals and here's what they say about their career plans for 2019. 

Michael, Chain Supplier

I would like to get Nigerian recognized certification in Client Service Management, take up new skills in management, diversify and expand my knowledge in supply chain management this year.

To achieve this, I'll invest more in personal development and be more focused.

There's a timeline to achieve these feats. Hopefully, before the end of the second quarter of this year, I should have accomplished 70% of my target.

The bottom line is to be valuable and increase my financial status while growing in my field of endeavor.

Lilian, On Air Personality

I have decided, long before now, to get better, improve on myself, read books, listen to podcasts and watch videos that can aid in doing so.

The new year is just another day, things don't automatically change. Change can start anytime.

Ahmad, Journalist

Put in more effort and never relent in all that I have to try.

Aisha, Customer service representative

I just intend to become better and take online courses on customer support.

Racheal, Nurse

I'm planning to write Nclex exam this year and I have started with my credential evaluation.

Wole, Tech-writer

To place priority on relationships. Building better professional relationships within and outside my industry.

Shakirudeen, Macro-economist

Still on the job to improve and contribute to the growth of my firm. Acquire one core skills that my firm usually gets a contractor for and start my PhD in Economics.

Innocent, Medical Doctor

Any decision to improve my career would be to write foreign exams and leave this country.

Raphael, Video Editor

My plans for my career this year is to further improve and sharpen my skills better than I was last year and also to seek further knowledge from professionals in my field.