Being a starter at a work place can be very exciting especially if you get your dream job as a fresh graduate. You’ll definitely have the energy and passion to deliver. But if you have been doing the same job for years, you might experience a career slump which may prompt you to consider a switch into another field.

Instead of switching into a new field which is more like starting all over again, you should find a way to bring yourself back into your career. It’s a lot easier than starting afresh in an industry you’re not so familiar with.

’I will admit it's very tough to have a career change n Nigeria because I have heard a lot of stories. There are lots of people who want to switch from customer service to HR and they have seven years’ experience. It’s very hard to switch’’ Jessica Akano, the Talent Acquisition Manager, Andela told Pulse in an interview.

So rather than slumping and losing interest in the career you’ve established yourself, try these three strategies to maintain your enthusiasm and regain your passion for your work.

1. Find meaning in your work

Don't get bored with your job, find a way to make it exciting and meaningful.

You lose interest in your job probably because you find it monotonous and no longer exciting. However, looking at the bigger picture of your job can help you regain your interest.

A study according to Monster has shown that “individuals are most engaged at work when their goals and actions are personally meaningful,” 

Think about why you accepted the job offer in the first place. What were your initial goals? Reviewing this could give you a renewed sense of purpose.

2. Help others to grow

Being a mentor in your field and helping others to advance in their career can be extremely satisfying. It can boost your well-being and happiness.

3. Learn something new

Learning something new can bring more excitement into your career. (Southbank Centre)

You can also find your job boring when you do same thing the same way every day. Before your job becomes a thing you seriously hate, you need to learn something new about it to engage and refresh you.

Sign up for an online course. Learn a new skill. Attend development programs. All these can open your spirit and mind.