Coming back to work after a festive holiday can be a real struggle. Just when you get very comfortable enjoying the holiday, and forget about work, the need to return to work dawns on you.

If you’re still in the holiday mood and not quite feeling ready for work, here are three tips to get you back to work ready.

1. Get organized

Prepare everything you need to ease your resumption.

Before you resume to work, it’s important you have a clear head and a well thought out plan for the task you may have to handle immediately you get back to work.

You can come up with a to-do list to organize the tasks and also make plans for other work-related activities you may need to involve yourself. Preparing this before returning to work helps you to switch easily from holiday enjoyment into work mode.

2.    Ease your way back into work

Don't start by overworking yourself. Ease your way back into work.

Don’t get tempted to jump straight into work or a new task. Take it easy. Use the to-do list to plan your day. Start with what you know you are very good at doing, something that won’t take too much of your time. You can start with small tasks that require the least amount of time. This can boost your confidence and get you back to work as if you’ve never gone on any break.

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3.    Resume to work with new ideas

Consider your interest before choosing a career.

Don’t resume to work to do things the same way you used to. Try to come up with new ideas or strategy. Bring a different approach to your regular tasks and see how it works out. This might offer you a different perspective to your work.