Do you wish to become a key member of your team? Someone everyone loves to work with and looks up to not just as a colleague but a leader.

If you’re making efforts to get noticed and set yourself apart from others, you’ve got to make some conscious steps to become the leader you want to be.

Here are few tips to help you.

1.      Be self-aware

Try to understand your strength and weaknesses.

You don’t become a leader only by guiding and helping others, you also need to be identify and understand your strength, weakness, stress behaviors and values. Understanding what you are good at helps you to leverage on it.

2.   Coach and develop others

Strong leaders put emphasis on developing people around them to help them grow their skills. Making conscious effort to coach, motivate and develop others helps to establish and internalize your leadership in them.

3.   Learn to communicate well

Your communication skills matter in your career progress. (madamenoire)

One quality that distinguishes leaders is their communication skill. They convey a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why. This quality alone can endear you to many of your colleagues.

4.   Be good at what you do

Performing well in your current role and being an expert at what you do is an excellent way to get noticed. When you are on top of your game, your boss will surely notice you. And when you begin to get recognized by the senior managers, he/she will probably begin to assign some roles that require you to lead.

5.   Be open to criticism and feedback

Always be open to criticism (Sbeinc)

It might be difficult but don’t be afraid to ask for corrective feedback. At the same time, when you make mistakes and you get criticized for it, albeit, constructively, own it and ask your superior for advice. Your ability to accept criticism is a good quality that’ll make you find leadership position easy.