Tell me about yourself.

This is that interview question everyone feels they can confidently answer because it seems simple and easy.

Yes, you can say it is simple and easy but this same question can throw you off balance if you only go on to mention your name and talk about your personal and family life.

When a hiring manager throws this question at you, you’re actually not only being asked about yourself but about your experience, qualifications, and why you are the right candidate for the role you’re being interviewed for.

Here are tips on how to answer this question in your job interview.

1. Give a summary of your work history

Don't just mention your name when you're asked to tell them about yourself.

After telling the hiring manager your name and the schools you attended, you’re expected to also mention your first professional job, the company, the role you played and how long you stayed in the job.

For instance, you can say something like this: I started off my career as a financial analyst five years ago at XYZ company in Lagos, where I performed accounting duties and assisted with budgeting and forecasting on a monthly basis.

2. Make your work history achievement oriented

A person being interviewed for a job

To further endear yourself to the hiring manager, don’t stop at the company you’ve worked for and the role you played. Also talk about your achievements for the company.

Whatever you did to help the company saves time, money, and improves productivity can be listed as your achievements. Also, anything you did that resulted in a quantifiable result for the company or department can be counted as your achievements. So, don’t ever forget to mention all these when you are telling your prospective employers about yourself.

3. Tell hiring mangers what you know about the role you applied for

Tell the hiring manager what you understand about the job you applied for.

Having told the interviewer about your work history and your achievements in your previous roles, you also need to tell the prospective employers what you understand about the role for which you are being interviewed.

This goes to tell the hiring manager that you’re not only good at what you used to do, but you clearly understand what the new role required of you if you get the job.

4. Tell them why you think you are the right candidate for the job

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Many people have applied for the same role you applied for and all of them think they are the right candidates. Before you close your response to this question, make sure you blow your trumpet. Give the hiring manager the reason to believe you’re the right candidate for the role.