2019 is the year you promise to become more productive and get more wins. I guess that’s one of your New Year’s resolutions.

Having a plan like this is honestly the right step to growing in one’s career but still, you’ll need to get rid of certain habits to get ahead.

Here are 10 habits you’ll seriously need to ditch to get happier at work and meet your career goals.

1.      Excessive complaint

Excessive complaints about everything can be annoying.

Complaining about everything all the time can be very annoying. You should be done with that now because you don’t want to start this year with that negative energy. That kind of negativity can put you in a bad mood and hurt your productivity.

2.      Isolating yourself

It’s fine that you concentrate on your work killing it, every employer wants to have an employee that gets the job done unsupervised. However, while you focus on your task, don’t hole up in your desk or in your cubicle all day isolating yourself. Go for break, join the conversations in your office and relate with your colleagues albeit, respectfully.

3.      Wasting time on social media

Face your work: Spending too much time on social media consumes your productivity (Southbank Centre)

Every day, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat give us something to talk about. There’s always a trending story and being on these platforms, you always want to catch up with every gist. This may prompt you to spend hours on social media jumping from one platform to another. And while you hop from Twitter to Facebook, your work begs for attention and your productivity suffers.

4.      Avoiding feedback

To get more productive, you’ll need to embrace criticisms, constructive ones. It’s the best way to improve in your performance. Don’t be afraid to solicit feedback from your colleagues. You might get tips or pieces of advice that’ll make you more productive from a sincere colleague.

5.      Gossiping

Don't be the one spreading rumour about others. (Rise Networks)

No one likes to be tagged a gossip especially in the workplace. Spreading rumour about your colleagues can earn you a bad reputation. It may also strain your relationship with your colleagues.