In case you don’t know, there are many ways what you wear to a job interview can ruin your chances of getting the job you apply for.

Landing a job is not all about having an impressive CV, your interview appearance says a lot of things about you and that can make or mar your chances of getting the job.

So before you attend a job interview next time, make sure you consider the following tips.

1.      Do your research

Making a research about about the company's dress code can help you determine what to wear. (madamenoire)

Don’t ever go for a job interview without doing some background checks about the company that invites you for the interview. Doing a research could give you an idea about the company’s dress codes. For example, an interview with a financial institution could require you to appear in a business professional dress, while an advertising industry could expect you to wear something creative, smart and casual.

2.      Never wear anything uncomfortable

Dress well: Don't wear anything that will make you feel uncomfortable to a job interview. (Stylecaster)

If the suit is too tight or the heels to high and makes you feel uncomfortable, it might make you lose comportment and even affect your confidence level. A job interview is stressful enough, don’t compound it with a fashion problem.

3.      Wear something that gives you confidence

You can consider a career in project management (gtb)

Confidence is one of the feelings you need to get the nod of a hiring manager. And choosing the outfit that gives you just that is an easy way to landing the job.

4.      Go easy on accessories and make up

It's up to you: Take bold steps this year to be in control of your career. (Rise Networks)

What you thing is would be an impressive appearance might be a distraction to your prospective employers. Never look so attractive that your dress or fashion accessories become distractive to the hiring managers. For instance, shoulder-length earrings, bangles and bracelet might constitute distractions when you gesture with your hands during the interview.

5.      Seek friend and family’ opinion about what to wear

Ask a friend about what to wear, she might have a better suggestion. Thebalance)

To avoid getting confused about what to wear, you may need to ask your friends or family member about what they think is best for you to wear. They might bring their experience and insight into the mix. However, don’t be persuaded to wear something you’re not comfortable in.