If you're always getting tempted to send a message to your boss explaining why can’t make it to work every time, you might be having some serious issues with your job.

Everyone wants to be happy and enjoy some degree of job satisfactions. But when the first thing that comes to your mind about your work is to call in sick and give your boss excuses, it might be time to refresh yourself from fatigue.

However, if after taking a break from work and your job still feels like a problem in your life, then you might consider quitting the job.

Here are five reasons you may lose interest in your job.

1.   Poor pay

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It is understandable that a job that pays you poorly won’t give anyone the satisfaction you desire as an employee especially if the pay is barely enough for your personal upkeep.

2.   Bad leadership

A leader in an organization should be able to motivate his team to enable them to deliver their tasks in a timely manner in line with the company’s goals. However, poor leadership could make any employee lose morale and interest in the job.

3.   Safety concern

Safety issues at workplace could make you dislike your job (Safety+Health Magazine)

One of the biggest issues employers face in their workplace is safety of their employees. Incessant workplace accident could make anyone lose interest in a job no matter how well the job pays.

4.   Lack of opportunity

 Lack of opportunity for growth or advancement is obviously one of the leading causes of employee dissatisfaction. This could get anyone one frustrated and stamp out their interest in the job from their mind.

5.   Toxic company culture

Complaining about every little thing makes you have a bad day at work. (Hello beautiful)

Your company’s corporate culture is key to its growth and your development career-wise. However, if the work force of an organization complains about everything every time, and employees are calling it quit every time, the company has a toxic culture