Before you think about setting career goals for this year, you need to look back to see how well you fared in 2018. Did you feel satisfied with your job? If your answer is no, then this is the right time for you to set goals that will help you feel more fulfilled in your career.

What exactly do you want to achieve in your career this year? Is it to make more money, get a promotion or change your career path? Whatever your 2019 career goals are, setting the goals as early as the first day of the year is not a bad idea.

However, it’s just not about setting the goals, it’s about making effort to achieve the goals you set. Here are five easy ways to stick to the goals to achieve your career dream.

1.      Figure out what you want to achieve this year

What are those things you want to achieve this year? Think about it.

To set your career goals for the year, you need to identify what you want first. Once you figure this out, you’ll have the motivation to set and stick to the goals.

2.    Write down your goals

After identifying your goals, you’ll need to write them down somewhere you can easily see and remember them. You can write it in a piece of paper and paste it on your wall. You can also use a note taking app like Google Keep to record the goals and set a reminder to keep track of the goals.

3.    Develop an action plan

Create an action plan on what you need to do to achieve your career goals.

Creating an action plan helps you to specify steps it’ll to accomplish each goal. For instance, if changing your career in 2019 is your focus you’ll need to develop yourself and gain relevant skills. How long will it take you to achieve that? You can determine that in your action plan.

4.    Get an accountability partner

You may need to share your goals with someone you trust. Someone who’ll always be there to keep you accountable and advise you when necessary.

5.    Monitor your progress

Track your performance and see how far you've gone.

This is more like the evaluation stage of the whole process. It’s important you track how far you’ve gone, what you have achieved and what you still need to do to achieve your career goals for the year.