With your Msc in management, you can develop and shape your transferable skillset; and as a graduate of management science, your knowledge and skills can be applied in private, public and voluntary business establishments.

Aside working in such areas as banking, finance and other management based establishments, you can also branch out into such fields as entertainment, media, and technology.

With this in mind, here are some amazing things you can do with your MSc in Management.

1. Management Consultancy

As a business expert, you're expected to offer solution to businesses. (mouzapp)

With your MSc, a career in management consultancy seems perfect for you. As a consultant in this field, you’ll be tasked to offer strategic and expert advice to help businesses improve their productivity and performance.

This also will require you to conduct researches and data collections to really understand the business goals, risks, problems and then present necessary recommendations to the management. If this sounds like something you'll love to do, start prepping to get your MSc certificate.

2. Social Media Management

Social media management requires you to use various social media to push the image of a company. (Employable)

You have heard about people working as social media managers, right? Yes, as companies are taking their businesses online, so does the need for social media manager increases. 

As a social media manager with MSc, you’ll be expected to have a strong understanding of what makes a good web design, web development strategy, and how social posts can be used to boost an organization’s visibility and reputation.

Your job role will also require you to understand how social media can be used effectively to manage campaigns, projects and content delivery. Aside this, your responsibilities will also require you to understand how to use analytics tools to measure your posts on social media, analyze and write a report.

3. Business Development Management

As a business development manager, you're the driving force behind sales and contact for the company. (lionessesofafrica)

Going into Business Development Management might be the ideal career for you if you have a genuine interest in supporting businesses and watch them grow into big enterprises. 

As a business development manager, you’ll be working as the driving force behind sales and contact for the company; and this is where- as a management graduate- your knowledge in sales, marketing, finance and management will come to play.

4. Entrepreneur

You need to have a good entrepreneurial mindset to make a good entrepreneur. . (madamenoire)

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, this is where you can apply the skills, knowledge and expertise you gained in your Master’s degree to develop and nurture a business you can call your own. 

5. Project Management

You can consider a career in project management (gtb)

How good are you at making excellent decision and assessing the time you spend on a particular task? If your answer to this question is a strong YES, then, you need to consider a career in project management.

Project Managers are like caretakers, they manage projects to ensure that the client’s desired goals are achieved and at the same time stick to a strict time frame and budget.