A pair of nice, perky breasts won't hurt anyone, ladies love to own a 'perfect' set of boobs (men love them too)regardless of their shape and size so it is necessary to keep them looking gorgeous with these few tricks.

Thank us later.

1. Massages

Massaging your breasts regularly (do this right after taking a shower) helps enhance their overall appeal, shape and size. It is also a  great way to check out for lumps.

2. Try sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your breasts wrinkles them, you should try sleeping on your back often.

 3. A Push-up Bra works perfectly

You cannot underestimate the power of a perfectly fitting push-up bra, it gives you an amazing set of breasts.

4. Moisturizer

Moisturizing your breasts regularly helps to keep them soft and makes the skin glow.

5. Wear The Right Bra

Try as much as possible to wear the perfect bra, choose a well fitting bra in your size.

6. Keep Your Back Straight

A good posture helps give off an amazing set of those, maintain a good posture by standing as straight as possible.

7. Work Outs

There are loads of exercise to keep the breasts firm and in great shape.