health risks of spending too much time in an air conditioned room [Pinterest]
health risks of spending too much time in an air conditioned room [Pinterest]

Spending time in air conditioned spaces is very addictive because it helps to keep you warm

Air conditioners are sources of relief, especially during extremely hot weather. You just want to spend all day in your car or in your room because of the air conditioner. It is quite addictive if you may know and the dangers it can cause to the health is risky. Here are five dangers an air conditioner might be causing to your health.

1. Development of dry skin

Spending too much time in air conditioned spaces can result in development of dry skin because your skin starts to gets deprived of the moisture it needs especially when you do not constantly moisture your skin. So try to keep a moisturizer in your bag and from time to time, moisturize.

2. Headaches

Just the same way spending too much time i the sun can cause migraines, so does spending too much time in fully air conditioned spaces. Because you are spending most of your time a air conditioned spaces, chances are, you are going to get dehydrated often and very quickly. And dehydration can lead to headaches

3. Inability to deal with heat

To be honest, spending too much time in air conditioned spaces can be very addictive. You would not want to spend time in any place that is not cold. You won't be able to deal with heat and summer periods. So if there is some sort of heat waves, chances are you might not survive it because of addiction to cold places.

4. Worsens allergies and asthma

The truth is that most of us rarely clean out our AC. This can be a hiding place for bacteria and this in turn can cause certain allergies to you. An AC that is not well maintained can trigger allergies and asthma.

5. Dehydration

As human beings, we try as much as possible not to be dehydrated because there are lots of negative side effects of being dehydrated. You have higher chances of getting dehydrated in cold spaces because you are already so comfortable and relaxed that moving around to get water might seem a like difficult task