What the Venus holes (lower back dimples) mean for your health

October 1st 2022, 4:28:06 pm

This lack of muscle in the lower region of the back to cover the short ligament that connects the hip bone to the back has been subject of beauty standards and sexual myths. Are there any, if at all, health benefits to this unsual genetic trait?

What the Venus holes mean for your health

Named after the Roman Goddess of Beauty, Venus, they are linked to low body fat, better blood circulation and healthy lifestyle rather than sexual characteristics which have gripped majority of cultures. They come in all shapes and depths, and both lean and fat people can have them. However, they cannot be made if one is not born with them.

It is widely believed that people with Venus holes have an easier time climaxing during sex, and that their position is favourable for having orgasms.

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It is also alleged that people with these holes are more sensual and likely to enagage in sex more frequently than those who don't have them, because they get excited more easily and enjoy sex more.

Scientific proof to support these claims is yet to be established.

Their technical name is sacral dimples, and this is because they are located over the sacroiliac joint. This joint is where the hip bone connects with the spine making the dimples a body characteristic rather than a cause for concern.

So they have no connection to any problem, be it back pain nor do they improve any health problems.

The dimples effect is observed in myths and perception of them than in having any direct impact on health or sexual lifestyle.

Here are some ways they may be beneficial to those who have them:

Because they are believed to be a sign of good blood circulation, they are therefore boost pleasure during sex. They are also believed to be errogenous zones that enhance pleasure in sexual encounters.

They are basically genetic decoration, they improve your body image especially in high-muscle and low-fat bodies.

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However, these are majorly subjective views held by cultures and groups depending on education level and cutural beliefs. The only proven benefit is that they look enticing to a number of people thus considered attractive.

Venus holes come from inherited genetic, meaning you are either born with them or not.

That being said, there are exercises that can make them appear especially cardiovascular exercise and shredding excess body fat. However, this is not guaranteed because the place where they are located has no muscle. On the plus side, while you may or may not get these holes, you will benefit from developing and maintaining a workout regiment.

If you already have them, through yoga and lower back exercises, you can make them more pronounced.

Some women choose to pierce them to accentuate them, while others choose to wear low-rise jeans to show them off.

Martha Kemigisha
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