On the April 27, 2017, top wellness experts gathered for the launch of the wellness studio by the Wellnesspatron founder, Daniella Akpakwu.

In attendance were, @LepaciousBose, @Ariellafitness, @Cheftoniasilton @AugustSecrets_toyin, @Natures_superfoods and a representative from @Askdamz. Decoration by @BisbolEvents.

The event started with a red carpet session and the highlight of the event was the press briefing where the founder, Daniella Akpakwu shared her journey in bringing the dream to life. According to her, she got her awakening in 2011 when she nearly lost her husband to type2 diabetes.

Her vision for WellnessPatron is to create platform where wellness is made accessible to Africans, thereby creating a society where people are well informed and are inspired to make conscious and deliberate steps to be happy, healthy and living their best life.

Wellnesspatron is a hub where wellness leaders and experts can share their unique knowledge on natural health and nutrition for mind and body health. On the tag line “Food is the new pill”, she said, food is medicine and should be seen as such for optimal health. There is no way the body can function well without it being well aligned with the mind, hence primary foods such as spirituality, relationship and purpose in life.

It will consistently emphasize the importance of preventive lifestyle and not cure; the average African is energetic and hardworking, he goes about his routine everyday to make a living without thinking about taking good care of himself or eating well or resting adequately and then years later he suddenly starts considering a healthy life when a disease strikes and with no proper knowledge he is then sentenced to a life of pills and modern medicine.

Wellnesspatron will do the following;

- Share health and wellness tips

- Create and share relevant information on managing different health challenges

- Feature wellness leaders and experts on their various niche

- Host a healthy cooking show to show people how to eat healthy

- Offer wellness catering services.

Her closing lines were – Let’s move well, Let’s eat well, Let’s live well and Let happiness win in Africa.

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