Try this method for making happiness a state of mind

The simple fact is that happiness is a state of mind, and not an emotion based on your current situation.


Most people find a way to be sad everyday and in the end, it shows in everything they do and the results they get in life.

Thinking happy thoughts always brings about positivity, just as wearing a constant smile draws happy, cheerful people towards you.

Their are a million and one reasons to be happy, especially when you manage to be happy in sad times.

I discovered the easiest way to incorporate this into our everyday life.

For 31 days, write out one reason to be happy every morning.

It could be something as simple as being grateful for seeing a new day, nothing exotic.

If you succeed for a month, then you are on your way to incorporating happiness into your life and you would see the instant changes.

As soon as you can find a reason to smile, every other thing will smile for you.

Cheers to a happy lifestyle!


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