Steam inhalation is a natural way to clear blocked nose fast; it works as a fast and natural expectorant to clear stuffed nose bringing instant relief to inflamed blood vessels.

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Here is a perfect step-step guide to do it correctly:

1. Boil water and pour in a sturdy bowl (don't use steel, aluminium or anything that can get heated up with the boiled water).

2. (Add eucalyptus oil, drops of mint or any mentholated ointment that works for you).

3. Lean over the water inside the container and pull a towel over your head as you lean over making sure no steam escapes from any side.

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4. Breathe in and out slowly inhaling the steam for a few minutes, taking a few seconds rest at intervals.

5. Do this three times a week to clear blocked nose as fast as possible.

Note:This method may not be suitable for everyone