Keep depression at bay with mood enhancing food

There are some food that helps boost and elevate our mood.

mood food

We all have at some point been plagued by ups and downs of life and most people crash dieting especially when feeling down but its not always beneficial as it can put one at risk of excess weight gain or loss. But there are some food that helps boost and elevate our mood.

SALMON: Take time out to enjoy a few portion of salmon every week.

SPINACH: Is rich in iron and folic acid that increase the production of serotonin hormone, and the more serotonin circulating through your blood the better your mood.

ORANGES: It can be substitute for spinach as they contain equal amount of folic acid.

OATS: Is a rich source of fibre that helps keep your blood sugar even.

CHOCOLATES: Release endorphins that have mood elevating properties.

MILK: It is medically recommended to drink a hot cup of milk at night. It has tryptophan which helps to stimulate production of serotonin.

YOGURT: If you are lactose intolerant you can substitute milk for yogurt.

BANANAS: It help to stave off hunger and make you energetic.

COFFEE: Coffee in moderation does not do any harm a cup or two everyday help restore energy.

EGGS: Include egg in your diet they are also vital source of vitamin D and also sunlight they make you feel cheerful.

WALNUTS: Don’t fret too much because of their calorific content they Have mood elevating properties that helps ward off mood swings and depression.

The next time you are feeling down try this foods.


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