There are little things to put in place for a healthier and longer life!

Keeping the body healthy, strong and in great shape requires active and constant efforts from individuals who are determined to feed their bodies the very best of everything and the goodness it deserves to keep it running smoothly and in great shape.

There are things (asides feeding it the healthiest meals, being in great shape, taking multivitamins and fruits et al) that should form daily or regular practices for the body to stay healthier and longer.

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These little things can arise from a person's lifestyle; what they take in/eat, how they live their daily lives, habits and more which form reasons why the body's overall wellbeing is the way it is.

1. Eat Breakfast

It's never a good idea to totally skip breakfast, infact breakfast ought to form the most important meal of the day. it's good to pack in healthy snacks, fruits, nut etc into breakfast as well as going without breakfast leaves room for excessive craving which results in the person overeating or making up with sugary options which shoots up the energy level and sends it down crashing again almost immediately and this isn't healthy.

2. Drink Water

Drink more than enough water as often as possible to help the body get rid of toxins as well as help the organs function properly. Drinking water helps flush the kidney- a major organ in the body- as well helps maintain the body's normal moisture level

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3. Exercise for at least 10 mins Everyday

Exercising everyday for at least 10 minutes everyday is beneficial to the heart to keep the blood pumping which helps the whole body. Exercise helps keep the body in top shape as well as keeping it fit.

People who exercise regularly rarely fall sick and are always in great shape.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting adequate hours of sleep keep the body refreshed and alive. Lack of sleep tells on the body and going without constant sleep shuts down the body as well as leave it weak.

A great way to get enough sleep is to go to bed early to catch up on adequate hours of good sleep.

5. Portion Control

Food should be taken in in controlled portion, people who can't control their appetites usually have ill health to show for it. It's best to take food in reasonable portion. A good addition to food are vegetables, fruits etc which could be added to make up.

6. Positive Energy

Studies reveal constantly surrounding oneself with positive thoughts, attitudes, people and way of life tell on the body's overall wellbeing.