There are unbelievable seemingly unimportant factors causing

To start with healthy vagina naturally has an acidic pH level as well as healthy bacteria to help keep infections at bay so it's safe to say the vagina is self cleansing. Though it's important to keep the area well maintained and catered to, it doesn't necessarily mean high maintenance.

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Wearing cotton panties ditching the nylons, keep the area dry as against moist are amongst ways to keep the area in top shape. If worried about vaginal odour (or this is common for you), check out this unbelievable causes:

1. Douching the privates

The vagina doesn't need to be douched all it needs is clean water to wash the area. It's strongly advised to keep any perfumed/fragranced wash or soap away from the intimate area as they end up disrupting the PH balance of the vagina.

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2. Exercising (moist/sweat)

It's great to clean up properly after exercising or engaging in any strenuous activity. The vagina gets moist or wet when exercising and if not washed can cause unpleasant odour from the area.

3. Condom Allergies

Sexually active ladies should check for allergic reactions to the types of condoms worn during the 'intimate session' as studies show reactions to condoms can cause funny vaginal odours. If you suspect this might be the case, switch to another brand that suits the area.

4.  Tight Clothes (especially pants)

Clothes that are too tight around the vagina won't allow the area 'breathe' causing odour from the area.

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5. Pubic hair (excess)

When the hair around the pubic area is not tamed/trimmed regularly it can cause vaginal odour because sweat, moisturiser and more things get trapped in the area when not kept clean. Shaving often and keep the area clean as much as possible.