Most times when eating, we realize that sometimes the food gets soggy on time or even stain our outfits. Here are some of the food mistakes we make.

Taking a salad to work: Many people who like to eat healthy take a salad to work rather than bringing a sandwich. You should put your salad in a mason jar, you can put your salad and then put your dressing at the bottom,this will keep the lettuce from being soggy. Since the mason jar has a cover all you will need to do is shake the jar when you are ready to eat to enjoy you delicious dressed salad.


Cupcakes: Most people find the frosting on a cupcake to be the best part. Since you can't put a whole cupcake in your mouth, most people end up eating from the top and they finish the frosting before they even get to the rest of the cake but if you whip the top of the cake and turn it upside down, you will have frosting in every single bite, call it a cupcake sandwich.

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Cooking your hot dogs: Most people take their hot dogs and put them on the grill as it is, this is a mistake. If you slice your hot dogs in spirals,it will heat evenly through and the cuts will also give them a pretty cool appearance.

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Adding flavour to iced tea/coffee: The worst part of drinking an iced tea or coffee is that when the ice melts, it waters down the beverage. Since the melting is inevitable, you can use it to your advantage buy crumbling cookies and put the crumbs in an ice cube tray, then cover the cookies with milk. You put this mix in a freezer, when it get blocked you put the cookie ice in your tea/coffee so when it starts to melt it will give your beverage more flavour rather than watering it down.

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Best way to serve ice cream: Parties are always a lot of fun but if you are the host it will  take a lot of work. The best way to serve ice cream rather than scooping is to empty the ice cream on a chopping board (best to use a plastic one) when still frozen and slice it with a knife making work easier for you.