There are actual foods taken in that ensure one smells nice! Sounds unbelievable but true.

A lot of people are bothered about the way they smell -some people have body odour which can affect self esteem and in some situations, lifestyle changes are really what's needed  to improve on these and it starts from what is taken in; FOOD.

These are foods that help cleanse the system inside out as well as 'deodorize' it and works well to ensure the body (whole system) smells appealing every time:

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes have anti bacterial as well as help cut down on odour causing bacteria because of its antibacterial properties. Including tomatoes in dishes as well as drinking the juice as a cleanse and using it  by rubbing on parts of the body few minutes before bath ensures the body stay smelling nice.

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2. Lemon

Lemon works wonders on the body from inside out. It helps rid the body of toxins as well as helps balances the body's PH as well as combat odour causing bacteria.

Lemon mixed with water should be taken first thing in the morning and adapted into one's lifestyle as it helps keep the body in top shape as well as smelling nice.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea helps fight bad breath as well as body odour. It's great for maintaining a healthy weight as well.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber and its juice is refreshing and loaded with water which helps flush toxins out of the body leaving it healthier and also helps the body generally.

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5. Apple

Apple is best for keeping bad breath at bay. It works well as one to snack on, include in salads, meals and juice for cleansing amongst others.