With a balanced diet including a lot of fruits and vegetables for instance, the result on the skin would be a glow of a healthy one usually devoid of blemishes and ultimately signs of tiredness and ageing.

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In the same instance, loading up on the wrong types of food work to age the skin (as well as the body fast). The next time you're tempted to eat these foods, remember they age you faster:

1. Spicy foods

Studies reveal spicy foods irritates blotches around the body. It is also important to avoid spicy foods when you have spider veins and puffiness which gets worse when ladies are around menopause. Although you should't necessarily do away with spicy foods, it's best kept minimal.

2. Salty Foods

Salty foods are notorious for retaining/storing water in the body which ends up giving a puffy look, it also raises the blood pressure and eventually wears out the heart which tells on the body at the end of the day. It's best to eat as little salt possible and eat more fresh against processed foods.

3. Sugar/Refined carbs

Sugary foods or refined carbs from fizzy drinks, pasta, cakes and more age the skin fast because they damage the skin cells as well as affect the production of collagen that helps keep the skin tight.

Cut down the sugar and watch the skin glow and stay youthful.

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4. Alcohol

Alcohol ages fast! It is known to secrete cortisol/stress hormone that tells on the skin, damages skin cells and collagen production leaving the skin aging fast.

5. Processed foods

Processed foods are loaded with too much salt or too much sugar and generally not healthy for the skin or its health. Opt for fresh foods instead.