A couple of months ago, almost every social media seemed to explode over this dress that seemed to change colour.

Some said it was blue, others said gold, white, violet and so on.

If that didnt creep you out, then get ready to be creeped out by the sequel! #Thehair.

Sabrina Abu-Obeid of  dyed her hair a shade of purple, but her boyfriend noticed it was changing colors in different rooms.

In the video, the shade changes from violet to blue to pink and back.

We have even spotted hints of white. We've seen some pretty magical hair color transformations, but usually it takes hours in the salon.

This optical illusion is obviously the result of drastic lighting changes from the kitchen to the bathroom.

However, mood-changing hair color may be the next big thing to sweep the beauty market.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

What colour do you really think her hair is?