The weekend is here, a great time to switch the hairstyle to braids perfect for the weather.

Braids are perfect styles for rainy seasons as well as the 'hot' weather as they are easy to maintain (not high maintenance in any way) because they can be packed up or separated, the scalp can breathe and heating up will not be a concern.

Braids can also be washed properly so they are always clean and can last for a while (when properly done) longer than the average weave. With braids there's no fear of rain etc ruining the 'weave'.

The versatility of braid also makes it possible to switch to different looks as they can be packed in numerous ways.

Take a look at these as inspirations for the weekend.

1. Twist Braids (Twisting)

2. Big Braids

3. 'One Million' Braids

4. Box Braids

5. Kinky/Bohemian Braids

6. 'Tiny Weaving'

7. 'Ghana Weaving'

8. Boxer Braids

9. 'Water Melon' braids

10. 'Pick n Drop' Braids