We've done this for different reasons, but mainly because women's vaginas are supposedly always failing us. We have always seen our vaginas as unclean or loose due to childbirth. So there's pretty much nothing women won't try in order to make sure our vaginas are in top shape.

Remember that there was a very real period when women regularly tried to clean their vaginas with Lysol,because the cosmetic industry said it was okay to burn their vaginas clean.

Well, no thanks.

Even today, you can still go to your local pharmacy and buy vaginal douche. But is it really necessary? Women mostly douche because they are embarrassed about the way their vagina smells.

What most of us don't realize is that the vagina,is a self-cleaning oven of wonder. It is cleaned and perfectly balanced by its own levels of bacteria and PH. Introducing the artificial smells and ingredients of a douche is a recipe for worse smells. Hello, yeast infections.

Vinegar Baths, Anyone?

Vaginal tightening using ACV: Would you try it?
Vaginal tightening using ACV: Would you try it?

Vinegar baths have been a common practice for hundreds of years). They consist of women sitting in vinegar for the purpose of tightening both their vulvas and their vaginas. However, there is absolutely no science to this practice. If you sit in a bath with just a cup full of vinegar added to the water, it will burn really badly. And when you get out of the water it might feel like your vagina is tighter, but that sensation will only last for a few minutes at most.

Picture your skin when you first get out of the bathtub after a long soak. When you spend an extended amount time in the water, your natural oils get rinsed away, leaving your post-bath skin feeling tightly pulled. That tightness is not a sign that your beauty soap has magically rejuvenated your skin. Rather, it's a sign that your skin now needs hydration, something you often treat immediately with moisturizer.

Using Vinegar As A Douche

Vaginal tightening using ACV: Would you try it?
Vaginal tightening using ACV: Would you try it?

Vinegar is also an astringent, which means that it causes your skin and other body tissues to contract. The effects of an astringent are temporary at best and terribly drying at worst. Stripping your skin of its natural oils is one thing. But stripping your vagina of its natural lubrication can be harmful.

If you use vinegar to tighten your vagina what you will wind up with is a dry and irritated vagina. A vagina that's dry and irritated might feel "tighter" temporarily. But it's also going to leave you more prone to micro-tears, which in turn can lead to painful infections.

If you want to tighten your vagina, please do not try to tighten it with vinegar. Instead, concentrate on strengthening your pelvic floor using vaginal weights. Or you could simply perform vaginal strengthening exercises like Kegels.

It's worth mentioning that your vagina is powerful. It literally gives life. It's also a muscle. One you use frequently even if you aren't always aware of it. So be wary of anyone who makes you feel like your vagina needs to be tightened in the first place. Your most important reason for staying away from vinegar as a douche is because there's no medical science to it.

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