Back in the 90s

The brand's pressed powder and lipsticks (the plum shades were favourites back then) as the products came with incredible staying power.

The powder finished matte and eliminated shine with the lip colours staying for hours on end with a burst of clean colour in whatever shade you chose. It was so popular the dupes were everywhere and at a point the 'fakes' became so much it slowly died (well at least around here).

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The pressed powder was presented in an iconic white with gold accented flat case complete with a mirror and an applicator laid flat over a clear sheet on the powder. The powder evens out tone giving a smooth consistent flawless look. It concealed blemishes/imperfections.

The lipstick on the other hand came in a tube similar to the powder case's colour presentation. The duo were 'power'.

Island Beauty has been around since 1964! The brand started with just 6 colours of lipstick in London and has grown to a full collection of at least 56 vibrant lipstick shades and 9 shades of compact powders to suit all dark skin tones.

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Those were the good old times of affordable, great, and accessible makeup.

Did you use any of these makeup or anything at all from Island Beauty?