More women are shunning relaxers and embracing their natural hair. Whereas, once upon a time, natural hair was seen as inconvenient and harder to manage, we are learning how to take better care of our real hair. Celebrities provide a lot of natural hair inpso and these 5 celebrities are the leaders of the natural hair movement.

1. Eku Edewor

Eku Edewor loves to play around with her natural hair and provides us with endless braid inspo. The beautiful actress and presenter has documented her hair growth journey, spending 7 years growing her healthy mane and learning to style it in different exciting ways.

2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Her afro is pretty impressive which is no surprise seeing as she has spent years growing it. She often does styles which are a mix of her bouffant fro and neat cornrows. She switches her hair up with each outfit and provides some  much needed style inspo. We love it!

3. Ini Dima-Okojie

Young actress Ini burst on to the scene and has been a firm fan favourite. With all the wigs she wears, one could be forgiven for not knowing that under the cap, Ini has a gorgeous head of natural hair. The beautiful starlet has a full head of pretty, kinky hair which she shows off in a large afro puff once in a while. She decided to ditch the wigs and turned up at this year's AMVCA showing off her natural hair texture and it was a big hit.

4. Omoni Oboli

A veteran in the natural hair game, Omoni has been very vocal about her natural hair journey and although she's a big fan of protective styles, she knows how to grab our attention with eye-catching styles. We love how she switches between protective styles and her natural hair with ease. A versatile natural queen!

5. Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya The stunning young actress often shows off her huge head of healthy and thick hair and we love how she experiments with different styles. From elegant updo's to cute pin curls, the actress has tried it all and makes us want to try it out too.