Anger is an intense emotional response. Often it indicates when one's basic boundaries are violated. Some have a learned tendency to react to anger through retaliation. rising tempers must be calmed down with immediate effect. We know that keeping our temper in check can be challenging. Studies show that when you are worked up and angry, your heart begins to race, your blood pressure levels go up and even your blood gets stickier, forming clots. That’s the sign of a heart attack. Hence, it is important to keep away from flipping out. Try these tricks!

Think Before You Speak 

When you are angry, you might say something bad in the heat of the moment. You automatically tend to lose control over our head and our speech that can make you regret forever in future. So, don’t blurt out whatever comes to your mind. Think before you speak, collect your thoughts and allow the other person to speak as well.

Stick With ‘I’ Statements

Criticism is a good thing, as long as you can maintain your temper levels and use it constructively. The moment you start the blame game you are not try to solve any situation by screaming or yelling. Instead, use “I” in your statements while trying to point out the other person’s mistakes. That way, you put a finger on the issue as well as don’t sound harsh

Crack Some Jokes 

Making light of the situation can help quickly diffuse your reaction and seeing things in a comic light will only ease the tension. Don’t use sarcasm though! If you can laugh at yourself while you’re angry, more than half the battle is won.

Practice Relaxation Skills 

Always know that temper begets temper, and that’s no solution. Use your relaxation skills such as deep-breathing exercises, keep quiet and divert your mind to something soothing whenever you think you can’t control your rage. Write down about your problems or listen to a favourite song, or just take a walk away from that scene to vent out the frustration.

Know When to Seek Help 

There are times when things do tend to get out of hand. For some people, anger management is serious issue and, at times, needs extra help. If your anger makes you regret for hurting the other person (not just emotionally, but physically too), then you must consider seeking help from a counsellor or take anger management lessons.