You should normally not pick at your skin let alone pop pimples if you haven't mastered how to properly do it!

Popping pimples can cause scarring that can last a long time before they heal apart from the risk of infection, more breakouts and host of other unpleasant things.

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Here are seven solid reasons not to pop those pimples below:

1. It results in scarring/dark spots that are not easy to treat/fade

2. There is a risk of bacterial infection and possible allergy

3. Popping pimples result in more breakouts

4. Squeezing pimples hurt and in some cases cause serious skin inflammation and redness

5. Popping pimples create a 'wound' that can take a while to heal if done the wrong way.

6. When you pop pimples, it becomes harder to cover them up, revealing blemishes which wouldn't give you a flawless makeup finish.

7. Popping pimples cause scarring which can take forever to heal.

If you insist on popping those random zits, then watch this video of how to correctly do it below.