I’m sure a lot of you made a commitment to yourselves and the powers, on the first day of the year, that be to acquire much smoother and radiant skin.

If you’re one of said people, you’re in luck as, a new set of smart beauty products are coming to the market.

From a humidifier that cools in the summer to a concealer that acts as an eye cream, less is truly more.

Check out these 6 new products as your skin stays fit in the year ahead:

1. Anti-Age neck mask: For those of you who aren’t wearing turtle necks, this vitamin B3—and hyaluronic acid–rich mask has ultra-thin cellulose fibers that create a lifted effect in minutes, as it brightens dark spots and smooths out accordion lines over the long haul.

2. Humidifier: Harsh harmattan takes away from moisture, which makes it age faster in harsh climates. A humidifier will help boost hydrated skin year-round and it doubles as a fan in the summer.

3. Clear dots: For people who can’t get over their damaged skin, you need this product. These clear dots act as a medicated bandage for blemishes, and they make a shield between your picking fingsers and your delicate, healing skin.

4. Try essences: The only way to get great skin is to hydrate, not only by drinking water but also by splashing water on your face. Thus, essences are watery products containing ingredients that help your complexion. Try a formula mixed into a toner or as a maximum replacement for your water spray.

5. Better concealer: Gone are the days when concealer was just basic. New ingredients are fitted with the same skin nutrition in your creams, making sure that every step in your routine will be a good for your skin.

6. Clean your phone: Your phone screen has most likely imbibed a lot of bacteria and oils that haven’t been gotten rid of in a long time. Disinfecting wipes are portable and cool enough to not be embarrassing.

Let us know what your favorite skincare product is.