Fragrances are personal, and they say much more than you will ever know about your style and personality — but this doesn't mean you can't take some good old-fashioned suggestions on what to try on next, no matter ho stuck in your ways you are.

After discussing must have fragrances for men last week, we felt it would be intuitive to do the same for women, only this time, from the experts point view.

In honour of National Fragrance Day this weekend, some well-known Beauty editors rounded up the signature scents they can't live without.

Greg Lauren

My best friend and I wear the same scent  (Greg Lauren)  and we can talk in circles for a good 20 minutes about why it's the best fragrance on the planet. The musky combination of tonka beans, vanilla, and marine notes leaves my wrist smelling subtly sweet with a bit of edge. I could bathe in this eau de toilette. — Lauren Levinson, beauty editor

Tom Ford

There's a reason why "Neroli Portofino dupe" is the second searched item when googling Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino Eau de Perfume. This illustrious scent is 100-percent intoxicating, unisex, and according to This American Life, it's a secret ingredient in Coca-Cola's recipe.  Bit of advice: nothing replaces Tom Ford. Nothing. Top notes include bergamot and neroli. Spritz this on, and get ready to turn heads. — Kirbie Johnson, beauty reporter and producer

MAC Cosmetics Turquatic

If I hadn't received this fragrance as a gift, I would probably never have thought to try it — I'm more of a light floral/gourmand perfume-lover. But I'm so glad I did! MAC Turquatic is one of my signature scents. It’s refreshing trifecta of oceanic, lemon, and lotus notes makes this perfume an obvious choice for warmer weather. And its light sultry base of cedar means Turquatic is a unisex-fragrance-lover's dream come true. — Emily Orofino, beauty editorial assistant

Kai Perfume Oil

I had all but given up on finding a fragrance that didn't give me a headache after one spritz, when I discovered Kai Perfume Oil . The scent is a bouquet of white flowers and gardenia that has become a celebrity and beauty editor favorite. The rollerball makes it easy to apply on the go. The oil immediately melts into the skin, giving off a soft, welcoming scent. The bottle may seem small, but with this concentrated formula, an ounce will last you an entire year. — Jessica Cruel, associate beauty editor

B by Balenciaga

I never feel bad about leaving this art deco, hammered glass bottle out on my vanity — B by Balenciaga was designed by Alexander the Great, after all. (That’s Alexander for all of you nonfashion folks.) And it's an ideal clean scent for Spring — thanks to a fruity-floral mix of lily of the valley bell, violet green leaves accord, and green edamame accord, which is balanced by iris root, cedarwood heart, ambrette seeds, and cashmeran wood. — LL

Britney Spears Fantasy

Britney Spears knows how to catapult a fragrance into the stratosphere. I might have received this perfume at the ripe age of 18, but does that mean I love it any less? Of course not. I haven't stopped loving Britney since I was 13, either. Much like watching an episode of I Love the '90s, Brit's Fantasy perfume takes me down memory lane, and it smells great, too. I've had editors ask me what I'm wearing, and their jaws nearly drop when I tell them it's Britney Spears Fantasy, y'all, circa 2005. Yes, it's sweet, and it's frilly — but it's a bit seductive, too. — KJ

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