Ronke Raji is

Naturalistas often struggle to come up with ways to style t heir natural hair and sometimes it's nice to have some hair inspo. Ronke may have the advantage by literally having on of the most voluminous afros we have ever seen but her clever hair tricks and style tips mean that almost anyone can achieve the look.

Below are a list of 3 looks that are Ronke -approved that you can try yourself.

Wrapped Up-do

Everyone loves a good afro-puff but here Ronke puts an unusual twist on the signature up-do. Instead of letting her hair puff out, Ronke uses some natural looking hair extensions and wraps them around her head.

The great thing about this style is that you can make it as dramatic as you like. Use as little or as much hair as you want and you know what they says, the higher the hair, the closer to God.


The great thing about having a full head of hair is that you can twist your natural hair and get long, luscious, healthy-looking twists. Fear not, if you have not quite got Ronke-level locks, there's always hair extensions that will blend perfectly with your hair texture.

These styles are very low-maintenance and the good thing is, the longer you leave them in, the better they look. Who can resist that?!

A Full Fro'

This style is an oldie but a goodie. If you can't think if what to do with your hair then go retro and show your mane off in all it's glory by keeping it in a full 'fro.

Make sure your hair is well moisturised and use an afro pick to gently fluff your hair out from root to tip. Use your hands to pat the fro into shape and you're good to go.