Skin care regimen, routine...whatever we call them is very essential because every day living, work, stress etc tell on our skin it is important to always keep them in tip top shape.

While its important to choose skin care products based on our skin types and needs, it is necessary to have these basic skin care essentials going for everyday use.

1. Cleanser

They are usually designed to thoroughly remove impurities without drying, stressing or irritating the skin. They work to take off make up off the face and if the are deeply cleansing, even better. Note that when getting a cleanser stay away from extremely drying ones

2. Exfoliator

For softer, smoother, brighter and visibly clearer skin, an exfoliator should come to play. They are not to be used everyday but weekly so as not to over-strip the delicate facial skin.

3. Serum

Serums are soothing, firms, hydrates the skin amongst many things. Sometimes they are prescribed for specific skin care needs.  For matured ladies especially, serum should form a skin care essential

4. Moisturizer

A good moisturizer should form a basic skin care essential. Some people assume because they have oily skin they don't need moisturizer but thats not true, every skin type has a moisturizer for it, so when choosing this it should be borne in mind. Note that water based moisturizers are usually best as they are lightweight and won't block pores.

5. Eye Cream

Because the skin around the eye is delicate, it is important to give them special attention. Eye creams are usually formulated to restore firmness or tighten/ treat wrinkles/dark circles amongst other things. It is essential to always have them