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Help! My baby keeps me up at night!

Some things cut across race, gender, age & social class. Snoring is one of them and if you do not snore, you probably have a relative, roommate or partner that does.

Snoring is pretty uncomfortable both for the person involved and those around them. The big question here is 'what is snoring and why do people snore'?

Snoring is basically the sound generated during sleep due to vibrations in the upper respiratory airway. People snore for various reasons and these could include:

Snoring can have both medical & medical consequences, obstructive sleep apnoea is one of them. It occurs when a person stops breathing due to partial or complete airway blockage during sleep. The Person usually recovers with a loud gasp. This complication is dangerous because it interferes with sleep and reduces flow of oxygen to vital organs.

Other problems include, difficulty in concentrating, irritability, poor performance at work due to poor sleep and sometimes strain in relationships.

Now that we've itemised the possible causes and complications of snoring, what can be done?

First and foremost, realise that snoring isn't intentional. If there's someone around you who snores, don't nag about it. Next step is to realise the cause and work on it.

- Overweight? Lose some weight.

- Alcohol? Stop taking alcoholic beverages close to bedtime.

- Nasal blockage? Get nasal decongestants.

- Enlarged tonsils/adenoids? These may require surgery.

Snoring can be helped, go ahead and take a step in the right direction today!