So do you want to be an Instagram baddie? Do you want all the Instafame?

Do you really crave having people gather on your timeline to check you out but you can't seem to take any hot pictures, because your makeup game is still so poor and who wants to spend 10 hours every morning trying to get eyebrows to be 'on fleek?'

Well, your answer is here. All you need are three things: Foundation, 'fleek' brows (you really need them the most) and bold lips.


For a flawless look, use full coverage foundation preferably a matte foundation. Make sure you slap on some primer before putting on that foundation though, so it can last all day. Make sure your beauty blender is really damp whenever you are applying the foundation of your choice. It makes all the difference trust me!

Fleek Brows

This one is sort of easy although if you were me then I'm sure you just rolled your eyes like 'easy,' Yeah right!

This is what my younger sister (yes oh, younger sister taught me to do)  if you have almost no brows like yours truly, simply fill in those scanty brows and use your foundation to clean up any roughness till you get flawlessly arched brows on your pretty face. You can use a Brow Pencil, Brow Powder, Brow Pencil, Brow Powder or Brow Gel.

Bold Matte Lips

This is the best part of the baddie look! 2016 is the year of the lips and liquid lipsticks in daring colours are all the rave, why not try a bold pink or wine red to get that perfect pout.

I would recommend good old Ruby Woo or an affordable starter kit with all the basic colours like this. Lastly, lining your lips is a must for Baddies so get lining ladies!____________________________

Chisom Irechukwu is a freelance social media manager and content creator. She blogs at  where she shares beauty tips and serves up some major style inspiration. If you are in Abuja, check out her blog every Friday for info on all the hottest events and hangouts happening on the weekends. She enjoys travelling, shopping, reading and writing poetry.