Zaron Cosmetics are out to make an impression this year (started last year) and they are not resting till they 'get it' and they seem to be doing just that.

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The first ever makeup product I used from Zaron was a matte lipstick I was gifted at a beauty event in Lagos earlier this year and I've been curious about their product since then because the matte lipstick was EVERYTHING!

Fast forward to recently, a friend came bearing goodies for me and in the bag she had four Zaron lipstains and four Zaron lipstick pens and that was it, sold out to Zaron (maybe not completely yet but as far as their matte lipstick range and lipstick pen-so cool- goes, I'm SOLD)

I got eight different products but will be dishing on the lipstick pen in Maxim (NO 04 Maxim) which I have used for a while now (It's the used one in the photo above).

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The lipstick pen is a lipstick and liner in one (brilliant or what!) It's a great lipstick and lipliner that features intense colour, glides on smoothly and gives an almost matte finish meaning it lasts.

The lipstick pen features a 'pencil tip' that's has to be sharpened as it's used to reveal a new tip, slightly 'fatter' than a regular pen/pencil the lipstick pen has a transparent cap as cover and comes in that simple way.

The brilliant thing about the pen is how precise it can be when used as a liner (which is best when sharpened) and how rich in colour it proceeds to be when used to fill in the lips as a lipstick.

It comes with a lot of excitement starting with getting more for less (you get a lip liner plus lipstick), long lasting and non drying, though a little matte- its just enough to stay for as long as possible and even when it goes off it leaves a sultry stain on the lips that's just chic and effortless.

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Because it comes as a 'pen' or 'pencil' it's not messy, it allows for easy application, glides on well, nourishing and comes in rich colours that lasts forever on the lips. If you ask me it's definitely worth snagging up in tens!

And at N1,500, it's a pretty bargain you will never regret.

My verdict: 8.5/10