The heir to the throne admonished parents to pay attention to their children’s psychological well being. He also emphasized the necessity of being more accommodating when it comes to mental illness.

The prince said, “While the circumstances of any one situation are unique, it is clear that many families could have been helped if they had found it easier to talk openly about mental health challenges in the home.

And I have been really disheartened to learn that even with all the progress made in recent years, many parents would still be ashamed if their children had a mental health problem,” he continued.

The prince, his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and his brother, Prince Harry, helped launch Heads Together in May, which focuses on mental health issues and eliminates the stigma associated with the conditions.

The royals have supported young people and mental health with awareness projects like the #YoungMindsMatter campaign, a series on The Huffington Post U.K. which held during the U.K.’s Children’s Mental Health Week.

Research reveals negative stereotypes regarding mental health often stop people from talking about it and seeking help. “It is often said that fathers can often find it hard to talk about their own feelings so there’s no wonder they struggle to speak to their son or daughter about the topic,” Prince William wrote on Sunday.

“But we don’t really have a choice. I really believe that a child’s mental health is just as important as his or her physical health.”