Do you ever wonder what carrying a pregnancy for five years instead of nine months feel/look like?

A short video by National Partnership For Women and Families' social commentary on the lack of paid family leave is highlighted in the short video that leaves one wondering what it truly feels like if pregnancy was a 5year course!

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Chronicling the story of Lauren, who's being pregnant since 2012 (about five years ago) who doesn't have a paid family leave so can't afford to have a child and the husband can't save the day as he can't access paid family leave as well!

Lauren decided to stay pregnant as she couldn't afford to give birth so she goes about her daily activities including work extremely uncomfortable and quite a horror to watch!

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But this video was for a cause, a campaign for paid family leave but just imagine if every woman had to carry her pregnancy to term at five years every single time? (It's scary to think that, no?)