Even after brushing and flossing your teeth tartar and plaque will start building over a period of time. Your teeth usually bathe in saliva that has calcium and other substances that help strengthen and protect your teeth.

On the contrary, calcium deposits will start building up on your teeth and end up looking like a chalky substance or limescale that can vary from brown or black color or can be the color of your teeth.

If this chalky substance that is also known as the tartar continues to accumulate, it will provide the right conditions for the bacteria to grow in the gums.

It is, therefore, important to scale and polish your teeth to maintain the surfaces smooth and clean to prevent bacteria from growing.

What is scaling and polishing?

● Scaling

Scaling is gently removing dental plaque and tartar using specialized instruments without harming your teeth. The ultrasonic scaler has vibrations that loosen tartar hardened to your teeth or in between your teeth or that sticks to the teeth.

● Polishing

Polishing takes place after scaling to remove remaining plaque and stains, leaving your teeth shiny and smooth. A soft rubber cup with a special toothpaste, prophylaxis in it spins around your teeth reducing the risk of tooth decay.

Who needs scaling and polishing?

If you are suffering from the following dental problems, scaling and polishing of your teeth are necessary.

Gum disease

It is a bacterial infection due to an accumulation of dental plaque in the mouth. The bacteria eats away the ligaments and the tissues of the gums that hold your teeth in place.

● Dental cavities

They are also known as tooth decay or dental caries. The bacteria in the dental plaque on your teeth produces an acid that eats away the tooth enamel, forming holes. This bacteria is commonly prevalent after taking starches and sugars.

● Teeth root infection

A condition where the root of your tooth has an infection hence the bacteria fills up, damaging your tooth's nerves and pulp tissue.

● Degradation of the enamel

This is discoloring of enamel surfaces as a result of sipping drinks that are fizzy and eating sugary snacks which are corrosive. These ingredients have acids that wear and stain the enamel giving it an unhealthy look.

Why is scaling and polishing important?

● Scaling and polishing prevent and controls the severity of periodontics or gum disease by cleaning your teeth.

● If there are many stains on the outer surface of your teeth as a result of taking food or tobacco, scaling and polishing will make your teeth appear brighter with fewer stains, but if the intrinsic color of your teeth is yellow, there will be no changes after scaling and polishing your teeth.

● Scaling and polishing remove tartar or calculus that leads to gum recession, loose teeth and eventually, loss of teeth.

● Scaling and polishing allow screening for the oral disease like decay and any cavities.

● Scaling and polishing help learning about how best to maintain your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

● Dental scaling and polishing prevent tooth decay.

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